David Wood

When the ABI project came to Attend in 2009, I was the Chief Executive, and I was eager to embrace it enthusiastically to the organisation. fAABI soon came into being with the specific aim of focusing on the social aspect of the lives of the client group. Following the resignation of a previous Chairman, I was asked temporarily to step into the Chair. I agreed to take on the role because this group delivers interesting and diverse projects for those living with brain injury to get involved in. It really is great fun. However, the responsibilities of running a charity can sometimes be intimidating for the uninitiated. If by sitting in the Chair, I give others the confidence to get involved, it is the least I can do.

Jonathan Taylor

I’ve been a Trustee at fAABI since 2016, after a long stint running the monthly Movie Night social events since 2015. I was introduced to Attend ABI and fAABI in 2013 following a road traffic accident which led to a serious head injury. Attend and fAABI both provided tremendous support in getting me back onto my feet both personally and professionally, and I am passionate that others take advantage and access the fantastic range of services and assistance that both these charities provide. Alongside my work with fAABI, I am the Compliance Coordinator at the consumer lending and debt advice charity Fair Finance, and an officer at New Stoke Newington Shul.

Marta Lipinska

I’ve been involved with fAABI since 2018, working on projects for the organisation while simultaneously juggling an internship as a Case Study Writer at Attend. Taking on the role of fAABI’s Developmental Officer meant that I had the opportunity to drive change for the organisation and its beneficiaries. My academic background in Psychology and as a Mental Health First Aider were the main catalysts for getting involved with an organisation like fAABI, fuelling my motivation to help the charity grow. I’m incredibly grateful to fAABI for the impact it’s had on my professional and personal growth, and I look forward to being a part of the organisation’s future.

Mark Cheese

With a degree in engineering and later on law, I joined fAABI as a trustee over two years ago.  I currently work as a software test engineer – doing what I’ve loved doing since a young age – breaking things!  Essentially, my role is to try to break software and work towards getting functional software products out of the door that meet the legal requirements. My passions include law and helping people – I have had the opportunity to channel my passion with the law and the English legal system to design and run three Law For Life courses – with plans to run more this year.  I have also worked as a volunteer for the Personal Support Unit helping litigants-in-person who were unrepresented in the civil courts and who were often overwhelmed with the whole legal process and how things worked. I was brought to fAABI through a friend of mine who was connected to the organisation – I was deeply impressed with the organisation’s mission and the people who work here. My interests range includes foremost learning languages (currently conversationally fluent in Polish and beginner at Italian), technology, teaching, travelling, socialising and films.

Jeniffer Chandler

There was almost no support for me as a brain injury survivor 20 years ago until I found out about fAABI through Attend and Rehab, where everything began to change for the better. I attended fAABI’s first sessions of ARNI (Action Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury) and have been coming to every event since. It’s definitely paid off well, as I can now play both the piano and ukulele! The world can be too fast-paced sometimes, and for those with brain injuries, it’s easy to feel left out. Luckily, fAABI understands this, and it’s wonderful to be a part of something without feeling judged. I have been with fAABI for a long time- and I’m confident the organisation is able to help others in similar positions as me. Becoming a trustee gave me the opportunity to help support the organisation- as a service user, I am able to provide fAABI with a valuable and unique perspective.

Virgie Canada

I’ve been with the fAABI family for over four years since I had a stroke, so I’ve been a fAABI service user for a while. My time at fAABI taught me to communicate better, fostered many new friendships and has allowed me to become more sociable. With fAABI, you feel like a part of a bigger community, where you can be accepted and respected. Most people who have experienced a stroke need some form of encouragement and I find that everyone at fAABI, whether they are staff or fellow clients, are very supportive. Having the opportunity to become a trustee gives me the opportunity to help support the organisation- and tailor services to be more effective for those with brain injuries.

Anthony Wighton

As a carer of a fAABI service user, I’ve been involved with the organisation for a while now. fAABI’s dedication to their clients was something I found very impressive, and I appreciated their efforts to improving the lives of those with brain injuries, who can very often feel socially isolated. Interested in being a part of the team, I asked for a role as a trustee, in hopes that I could contribute to the efforts to help survivors of brain injuries live their lives to the full. I encourage anyone who’s interested in fAABI to get involved with us- there’s a space for everyone here, whether you have a brain injury, or are a carer of someone with a brain injury, or simply want to learn more about us!