“I have learned from every single individual that has come along that there is not a single thing that you cannot overcome.”

This is the message that Richard Lumsden has taken to heart after his time volunteering with FAABI.

Richard is a multifaceted individual, working as an actor, musician, and writer. While he primarily acts in film, television, and on stage, he has also had the opportunity to write scripts for these departments as well.

Richard’s journey in volunteering stemmed from his own desires and passions. Remarkably, it was after 20 years of wholeheartedly devoting his time to assisting the special needs population that Richard felt the urge to challenge himself even further. This is when Richard spoke to one of his two friends, who had suffered from acquired brain injuries, and he was introduced to FAABI. He was immediately drawn to the organisation’s mission and each of its members.

Richard’s first talk at FAABI consisted of the realities of failure, especially in his respective field. An immediate crowd favorite, Richard was invited back to lead writing groups and a ukulele workshop. Richard approached these workshops in a unique way. He explains that despite their name and method, they were not about learning how to write or play the ukulele. Rather, Richard designed these workshops to build confidence, new skills, and to “learn how to do something that you didn’t think you could do.”

“We can always take a small step towards where we want to be; the things that frighten us, that we don’t think we are capable of doing.”

Now, 7-8 years since his first workshop, Richard states, “I still enjoy it; it is lovely to do, and I love to see how people blossom.” He describes FAABI as a safe space, a welcoming hub that the clients rely on, and something that they very much need. “The clear focus for the people who badly need that support creates a friendly, welcoming, and all in all great environment.”

Richard’s final message regarding FAABI is that what may be considered defeat in others, can be turned around into something positive in someone else. In his eyes, FAABI does exactly this for its clients, by creating a rewarding and beautiful experience.