We want to see a world where people who have been affected by brain injury have the knowledge, skills and confidence to live life to the fullest.

A brain injury is life changing. As well as affecting an individual physically, a brain injury can have cognitive, emotional and social implications. More commonly, a brain injury impacts confidence and can leave individuals socially isolated and frustrated.

fAABI aims to make a difference in these areas. Through social activities, workshops and events, we give people who have suffered a brain injury the opportunity to improve their lives, have fun and experience new things. We give people the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge and more importantly, we help people move on in their journey after their brain injury giving them the confidence to live their life to the full.

A world where brain injury is well understood and a less feared topic.

We understand that as well as affecting the individual, a brain injury can have a profound impact on the friends & family unit around them.

Which is why we welcome friends, family members & carers to attend our events. We have events & workshops that are open to everyone and those that aim to support friends, family members & carers who’s loved one has suffered a brain injury.

A world where everyone contributes.

We’re led by a group of passionate trustees & volunteers who come from all walks of life. From a background in healthcare to experience in law, our trustees and volunteers share one thing – the vision of people with brain injury living life to the full.

Not only do we give people who have suffered a brain injury the opportunity to benefit from our social activities, workshops and events, but we give them the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the community. Whether that be by supporting a fAABI event, leading a fAABI event or simply initiating one – we will always encourage our beneficiaries to take part.