An Evening with Magician and Performer Duncan Swan

Duncan Swan, a talented magician, comedian and ABI survivor spoke at fAABI on Wednesday, 28 August. His audience consisted of individuals who have experienced ABI themselves. He openly shared his inspiring story, using photos of himself at different ages as a visual aid. Due to moving from school to school multiple times as a child, it took him a while to learn how to read, so he usually preferred hands-on activities.  As a result, Duncan gravitated towards music from a young age, a skill which he further developed over time. He has a history of playing in several bands.

Unfortunately, his musical endeavours temporarily reached a halt after getting into a motorbike crash. His doctors described the accident as almost fatal due to Duncan sustaining a brain injury. He expressed how the accident gave him a new outlook on life and how short it is in the grand scheme of things. Even though he withstood serious bodily and brain injuries, Duncan emphasised that it did not stop him from achieving his goals.  He decided to travel and help children with learning disabilities in Africa. He even went back to his musical roots and formed a band with some of the children. Duncan had a specific mission in mind: to tackle issues of the local youth through community engagement and the power of music.

Duncan’s artistic pursuits did not end at music, however; one day, he watched an acquaintance perform magic tricks that were highly fascinating. After doing magic as a hobby for a while, he decided to make it his career. He invited members of the audience participate in a few magic tricks after telling his story. It demonstrated Duncan’s passion for interacting with the community. Being that Duncan is a comedian, he also got many laughs out of the audience.

For Duncan, magic and comedy are not about performing perfectly; he treasures character and making people smile more. He now makes a living out of comedy and magic. He has received many awards throughout the years for his performances. His performance at fAABI showcased to the audience that ABI does not have to prevent them from reaching their goals. If one with ABI has a knack for a specific hobby, they can be successful, despite challenges they may face along the way.

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