fAABI visits the Engine Rooms with thanks to the kind contribution of the City Bridge Trust and Tower Bridge

On Monday 19th August, fAABI was delighted to host an informative and exciting tour around Tower Bridge, courtesy of the City Bridge Trust and the Tower of London who facilitated it.

Upon arrival, beneficiaries were informed that they were to partake in a 3 part tour to discover the Bridge’s captivating history and even experience it first-hand.

Beneficiaries were firstly shot up to the modern high-level Walkways to see London through the new glass floors, which are 42 meters above the River Thames. The astonishing experience was an opportunity for the beneficiaries to see London from an entirely different perspective. One of our clients, a photographer, enjoyed the views and was able to capture memories through his camera. The stunning panoramic views allowed us to spot and admire popular London landmarks, giving rise to a breath-taking and memorable experience.

Our beneficiaries were then transported back in time to experience the works of a Victorian Engine Room. One beneficiary enjoyed this part of the tour and said, “this is something hidden from the touristy eye, however, it is a real beauty”.

To bring the tour to an end, our attendees were presented with a short film, which spanned from Victorian times to the present day. Alongside this, animations and interactive displays also enabled us to truly discover the history of Tower Bridge and make the most out of the trip.

Overall, the trip was successful as everyone enjoyed themselves. While some brain injury survivors can experience anxiety when using crowded public transport, off-site events, like this, are an opportunity to practise challenging the fear in small doses. Beneficiaries emailed to show their appreciation of the trip and said: “It was also very good to see some new friends and others – it’s good as for those of us and their loved ones to share experiences and support each other as a community”. Another claimed that the trip “brightens not only the day, but the whole week, I would probably never visit it just by myself, but with fAABI It became possible”.

This trip wouldn’t have happened if it were not for the kindness of City Bridge and Tower Bridge, who kindly gifted us with complimentary tickets for the beneficiaries and their loved ones.