Living Communities Fund aims to see improvements in the lives of people living and working in the South Westminster area through community-building activities.  They are especially dedicated to improving the lives of London’s most disadvantaged by bridging the gap between people who need help and with those who are willing to give. Living Communities have recently been successful in supporting community cohesion by promoting health and wellbeing and reducing isolation. These are targets which fAABI also aims to achieve.

We are pleased to have been given funding from Living Communities. With their contribution, we can support adults who have an acquired brain injury (ABI) by creating activities for them to learn new skills. Our project aims to provide activities such as performing, playing musical instruments (ukulele, piano, or guitar) or doing creating writing. These exercises will encourage adults with an ABI to gain new-found skills and motivate them to feel confident through undertaking these new activities. We hope that our project also encourages adults with an ABI to re-engage with the community making them more likely to resume their life roles.

Thanks again to Living Communities Fund for their support which will be used to raise awareness about adults with an ABI and also encourage adults with an ABI to see the world in a brighter light.

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