The Big Lottery Fund aims to lead communities so that they can thrive. They raise and award money to those who are in most need of support and allow people to do extraordinary things to improve their lives and communities.

We are thankful to The Big Lottery Fund for their contribution in providing support for adults who have an acquired brain injury (ABI). Their difference will give adults with an ABI the opportunity to learn a new skill by getting involved in new activities such as Tai Chi. These tai chi sessions will improve their physical, emotional and social wellbeing. Adults with an ABI will be given a chance to interact with people who share a similar journey to them. As a result, this new activity will bring them together to build strong relationships. Like The Big Lottery Fund, fAABI also encourages self-development through creating new fun activities that are in comfortable and non-judgemental environments for adults with an ABI to benefit. The contribution we have received will also be useful in raising awareness to residents, students and carers to volunteer and understand the implications of a brain injury. This will educate our community and encourage them to work closely with adults who have an ABI and motivate them to achieve their longer-term goals.

Therefore, with the help of The Big Lottery Fund, we can continue to encourage adults who have an ABI to look at the bigger picture in a positive light, especially with the help of our community.

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