12 FAABI members go on an annual visit to the Tate  Modern Art Museum. They are given a free guided tour of  several exhibits by a member of the Tate Modern Staff.  They then discuss their individual opinions of the  exhibits as well as participate in an activity led session with some drawing and practical work.

 When and Where? 

One day every year at the Tate Modern Museum at  Bankside, London SE1 9TG.

As the FAABI vice-chairman, I asked the FAABI members what they would like to do and many of them said that they were interested in art and visiting museums. Since my accident, I have also had an interest in art. So, I decided to look into organising visits to the Tate Museum. The event has become very popular, but we decided to limit it to 10 people, so that the tour can be more personal and interactive.

— FAABI Trustee and Tate Visits Facilitator

If I went on my own to an art museum, I wouldn’t necessarily think anything specific about the different art pieces, so it was nice to be able to go to the Tate Museum and have a guide to tell us about all of the artwork.

— FAABI member

Since visiting the Tate, my interest in art has increased. And if I hadn’t gone with FAABI, I probably wouldn’t  have done something like go to an art museum on my own.

— FAABI member   

I enjoy viewing art very much. Visiting the Tate Modern with fAABI has been an extremely enjoyable experience. It is great to have the whole experience organised for everybody and also to be able to spend a little time with fellow friends who have sustained a head injury.

— FAABI member

The visit to the Tate was a wonderful event, because it was interesting and educational. It greatly helped be to be able to appreciate and understand artwork—I even learnt what cubism actually is!

— FAABI member