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February 2019
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My name is Mike and this is my story.

I had a motor bike accident at the age of eighteen, which resulted in a quite serious brain injury. It was around sometime in the 1980s and it caused me to fall into a coma. Unfortunately, you cannot fully recover from that kind of traumatic brain injury, but you can find services and activities that will help to stimulate your brain and get you socialising with people in your community. For me, this service came from fAABI. I found fAABI a long time ago, when it was first starting up and I have been going there consistently ever since.

My brain injury has affected my frontal lobe which means my speech has been affected, as well as decision making, impulsivity and anxiety levels. I find it very hard to plan forward so I use a diary to keep track of the things I need to do in the near future. My injury has also affected my social relationships quite immensely. I cannot maintain relationships for very long, especially with romantic relationships. Although, fAABI has helped me to form and maintain that type of social connectivity with those who have an injury similar to mine.

I have joined the Art classes, Tai Chi and Subbuteo at fAABI and I really do enjoy all of them. I had never played Subbuteo when I was younger, it was very new to me and I quickly learned that it is a really good and exciting team game. These classes allowed me to meet others who would understand me and my situation, and how it raises challenges for me on a daily basis, whether that be the clients or staff members at fAABI. The people at fAABI are very supportive of each other.

When you have a brain injury you are very much into yourself and so it’s good to get out and socialise with others. fAABI has really helped me in terms of social aspects, especially since I struggle with forming relationships. Since fAABI is a group program, it has helped me to meet new people and get along with them; that is one thing that draws everyone to this organisation.

I really feel benefitted because of fAABI, it has helped me a great amount with my social skills. I have gained and improved on my social skills immensely because of fAABI and I really appreciate the organisation because of that.

I would certainly recommend fAABI to anyone who is in a similar position to me. They have great support and have given me a structure to my life that helps me keep going.

fAABI has helped me to form and maintain that type of social connectivity with those who have an injury similar to mine.

Mike, fAABI