My name is Mike and this is my story.

I feel as though I can never fully recover from my brain injury, especially considering how traumatic it was. A tragic motorbike accident at the age of  18 left me with a long list of difficulties that affect me even as I approach my 60s, but I saw that my only solution was to move forward and attempt to live with my problems as best I could.

After waking up from the coma that my accident left me in, I faced dealing with a range of difficulties. My brain injury affected my frontal lobe, which meant my speech was affected, as well as my abilities to make decisions. In addition to this, I’ve found my anxiety levels were affected. I also felt like I was putting myself more at risk due to my newfound tendency of impulsivity. Time management also proves difficult, so using a diary for even the most simplest of tasks became necessary to keep track of things I needed to do in the near future. My social life was also affected, especially my romantic relationships, which I find I cannot maintain due to my injury. Unfortunately, this is one of the areas that troubles me the most.

Having discovered fAABI since the organisations’ start up, I have really had the opportunity to watch it grow and develop into the established body that it is today. Moved by fAABI’s aims to improve the lives of those affected by brain injuries, I have been a consistent member ever since. I find myself involved in plenty of services and classes at fAABI, including Art classes, Tai Chi and Subbuteo. I am grateful for these classes allowing me to meet others who understand me and my situation, as the people at fAABI are very supportive of each other, whether they are staff members or fellow clients.

fAABI has helped me overcome my tendency to withdraw from others, so keeping to myself due to the effects my brain injury had on my social skills was very common for me. Consequently, I dealt with loneliness for a long time before discovering fAABI. I have definitely noticed a change in my social behaviour; it is easier to socialise and form relationships. Meeting new people and being able to get along with them due to similarities in our situations is one of the reasons I am continuously drawn to the organisation.

I encourage fellow sufferers of brain injuries to seek out fAABI, and would certainly recommend fAABI to anyone who is in a similar position to me. I am appreciative of fAABI’s support- which has given my life structure; without that structure, life is pretty aimless.

fAABI has helped me to form and maintain that type of social connectivity with those who have an injury similar to mine.

Mike, fAABI