Sky Garden Event

On Wednesday 19th June, fAABI was delighted to host an off-site trip to Sky Garden. Beneficiaries met up at Monument Station at 11:30am, and made their way to the famous ‘walkie-talkie tower’ by 12pm.

Once there, beneficiaries were free to roam around the top three floors of the building, while surrounded by 360 degree views of our magical city of London. Sky Garden also maintains an indoor garden, so beneficiaries were surrounded by beautiful greenery as well as a bird’s eye view of their city.

When asked what they thought about the trip to Sky Garden, one beneficiary explained how ‘’having a brain injury can sometimes make me feel as if I’m limited indoors and trips outside home are often challenging, so being here surrounded by friends who understand me, as well as being surrounded by a spectacular view of London, feels absolutely surreal.’’

Overall, the trip was a great success. Attendees were keen on planning their next offsite trip with fAABI, and were grateful for the opportunity to admire stunning views of London.

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