Westminster Amalgamated is a charity that tries to help all those in need with-in Westminster. They aim to provide benefits for both the individuals and the organisations of Westminster, especially those with disadvantaged backgrounds.

fAABI aims to accommodate adults who have an acquired brain injury (ABI) the opportunity to feel empowered by providing sessions where adults with an ABI can gain skills that will help them fulfil their needs for their future. Thanks to Westminster Amalgamated Charity’s contribution, adults with an ABI can take part in guitar, ukulele, piano and creative writing sessions. These sessions will mean that those who attend will develop the confidence to move in their journey post-injury, allowing them to pursue their longer-term goals and encourage them to live life to the full. Additionally, adults with an ABI will also have the chance to make friends whilst learning a new skill with their new peers. As a result, adults with an ABI will feel welcome to be a part of a bigger community of like-minded people that respects and accepts them.

Therefore, through Westminster Amalgamated Charity we can continue to support people with an ABI by promoting social collaboration and learning to support those affected by ABI to be active members of the community.

Read more on WAC at http://www.w-a-c.org.uk/