City Bridge is a trust that helps develop London-based organisations. They envision London to be a city where all individuals and societies can thrive, especially those at a disadvantage. City Bridge’s contribution can give adults who have sustained a brain injury an equal chance in life, especially as their mission is to “reduce inequality and grow more cohesive communities”.

We are pleased to be given funding from City Bridge as their support will be used to ignite confidence and motivation in adults with an acquired brain injury (ABI).

Our organisation, fAABI, will now be able to introduce adults with a brain injury to the new activities, such as learning how to write or play the ukulele, guitar and piano. Learning how to play an instrument in adults with an ABI can enhance their social life. This is because the music and writing sessions will be taught within a small group. This will encourage communication and other social skills. Adults with an ABI will also learn newly acquired skills to allow them to re-acknowledge their abilities. This will give them the confidence to take steps towards their longer-term goals.

Thanks to the contribution of the City Bridge Trust we can continue to support people with an ABI to live their life to the full.

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