Founded in 1944, Leathersellers administer several ancient trusts and also have its own Charitable Fund. They aim to accommodate those who are too ill or infirm to work. By these means, their Company provides: Charitable Grants to a wide range of charities and educational establishments; Educational Awards to UK students taking a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree at a UK University; provides housing for the elderly.

fAABI is delighted to be given funding from Leathersellers. With Leathersellers’ contribution, we will be able to provide adults who have an acquired brain injury (ABI) the opportunity to discover themselves through art. Thanks to Leathersellers, these art sessions will create an environment where our beneficiaries can learn a new skill, develop confidence and build long-term relationships with people who share a similar journey with them. In addition to supporting adults with an ABI, we also aim to raise awareness within the wider community about this project, where our local volunteers will too be enabled to also learn new skills, gain coordinator experience and most importantly, the chance to give back to the community.

Therefore, with the help Leathersellers, we can continue to support the wellbeing of adults with a brain injury physically and mentally, especially through the touch of art.

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