Germany are through!

When Germany entered the field (in their all white strip), we were all expecting a 4-0 trouncing, to reflect the real life score – particularly as Eric was playing for Germany. However, it appears that Eric was a tad put off by the England 3-lions motif, which appeared to be on the German shirts (a problem of only having 8 teams to choose from to play all 32 World Cup teams!)
Nevertheless, Eric played in an efficient manner using technically correct flicks, and gradually wore down the opposition. Monty played valiantly throughout and was unlucky to end up on the losing side. Naturally, at the final whistle, there was a rousing rendition of “Steh auf, wenn du für Deutschland bist” (“Get up if you’re supporting Germany”), sung to the melody of “Go West” by the Pet Shop Boys.
“Vorsprung durch eric” as they say in Germany…

Epic encounter!

Cameroon (Ben) shared an 8-goal epic with Mexico (Steve). Going behind on 3 occasions, Cameroon came back to equalise in the last minute to make the full-time score 4-4. Steve scored 2 of his 5 of his penalty shots, but Ben blasted 3 of his past Steve’s hapless goalie, into the roof of the net.

All results are available here.

Where and when?

Our next session will be held at Attend’s Head Office on Monday 23rd June in the ‘FAABI Room’ from 6:30pm to 8:30pm with drinks and refreshments provided.

If you are interested in joining, please contact us by email ( or on 0207 307 2570 to book a place.