My name is Mark, and I’m a fAABI trustee.

With a degree in engineering and later on law, I joined fAABI as a trustee over two years ago.  I currently work as a software test engineer – doing what I’ve loved doing since a young age – breaking things!  Essentially, my role is to try to try to break software and work towards getting functional software products out of the door that meet the legal requirements.

My passions include law and helping people – I have had the opportunity to channel my passion with the law and the English legal system to design and run three Law For Life courses – with plans to run more this year.  I have also worked as a volunteer for the Personal Support Unit helping litigants-in-person who were unrepresented in the civil courts and who were often overwhelmed with the whole legal process and how things worked.

I was brought to fABBI through a friend of mine who was connected to the organisation – I was deeply impressed with the organisation’s mission and the people who work here.

My interests range includes foremost learning languages (currently conversationally fluent in Polish and beginner at Italian), technology, teaching, travelling, socialising and films.

I was deeply impressed with fAABI’s mission and the people who work here.

Mark, fAABI